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101 Design Methods

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With the „Design Innovation Process“ Vijay Kumar offers an exciting alternative or supplement to Design Thinking. Although the book dates from 2012, it is current and valid from the first to the last page. Especially people who are structure and process oriented and have a hard time with total agility are recommended to read this book.


Unlike other books on innovation and innovation processes, 101 Design Methods approaches the practice of developing new products, services, and customer experiences as a science rather than an art.

The book „101 Design Methods“ provides a practical set of collaborative tools and methods for planning and defining successful new offerings.

In particular, innovators who tend to come from structure- and research-loving fields, who take on the challenge of innovation despite a lack of established procedures and a high risk of failure, will find a well-structured, broad resource here.

All micro tools in this book „101 Design Methods“ are precisely located in the included macro method „Design Innovation Process“. The macro method „Design Innovation Process“ also has a close relationship with Design Thinking and we at verrocchio have already successfully used both methods in combination.

Unfortunately, Vijay Kumar’s book is not so well known in Europe, so we would like to shine a spotlight on it once again.

The Design Innovation Process method has 7 major work packages or „modes“ as the author calls it:

  • Mode 1: Sense the intent
  • Mode 2: Know the context
  • Mode 3: Know the people
  • Mode 4: Frame the insights
  • Mode 5: Explore the concepts
  • Mode 6: Frame the solutions
  • Mode 7: Realize the offerings

The short descriptions of the individual micromethods in this book are also really successful

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