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Ten Types of Innovation

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Understanding innovation holistically and interlocking it in an interdisciplinary way within the company – this book provides an exciting approach to this.


Innovation success consists of much much more than just a few creative workshops or brainstorming sessions – this fact should really be common knowledge by now. But unfortunately, this is not the case. In many companies, innovation is not yet approached as holistically as it should be.

Ten Types of Innovation provides a view of holistic innovation work and is at the same time a framework according to which innovation work can be organized. The „Ten Types“ or 10 areas of innovation work that the authors focus on here inevitably result from our complex and volatile business world. Important – innovations in a company always serve only one purpose: In the end, value must be created!

The 10 areas that will be represented and innovated in are:

Profit Model – This is about finding new and attractive business models

Network – To connect with others and generate added value from it

Structure – Organizing yourself so that you are in tune with all your talents, expertise and opportunities

Process – The use of goal-oriented and modern methods to always get the job done efficiently

Product Performance – The creative development of functions and features that create real unique selling points

Product System – Thinking and innovating in a systemic way to create complementary products and services that generate added value

Service – Inventing services that add even more value to all offerings

Channel – Identifying and creating the ways to get the offer to the customer even better, faster and more exciting.

Brand – Inventing and designing the overall brand, as well as the way to present the offer in an attractive way

Customer engagement – Creating irresistible interaction opportunities for customers and users

This book also succeeds well in getting all the necessary disciplines, departments and teams excited about innovation work and dovetailing them accordingly.

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