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Jeder, der seine eigene kreative Intelligenz weiterentwickeln möchte, kommt um dieses Buch nicht herum. Denn Wahrnehmung und Ideenfindung hängen eben unmittelbar zusammen. Erfolgreiche Innovatoren habe sich sehr oft auch mit dem Gehirn und der Wahrnehmung der Umwelt beschäftigt.


Renowned neuroscientist Beau Lotto reveals, very clearly and comprehensibly, the truths of human perception and develops a cognitive toolbox for success in today’s world of uncertainties and complexities.

Perception is the foundation of human experience and creativity, but few of us understand how our own perception works.

By revealing the startling truths about the brain and perception, Beau Lotto shows that the next great innovation is not a new technology: it is a new way of „seeing.“ If I didn’t know better, you could also say that Beau Lotto brings the thoughts and principles of a Leonardo da Vinci into our modern age with the insights of modern neuroscience.

In his first major book, Beau Lotto draws on over a decade of groundbreaking research to show how our brains trick us. With an innovative combination of case studies and exercises in optical and perceptual illusion, DEVIATE („the deviation,“ by the way) will revolutionize the way you see the world.

With this new understanding of how the brain works and its perceptual trickery, we can apply these insights to every aspect of life and work, but especially to creativity and idea generation.

DEVIATE is not just a compelling look at the neuroscience of thought, behavior, and creativity: it is a call to action and invention that takes readers on their own journey of self-discovery.

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