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Innovationsbuchempfehlungen vom verrocchio Team


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A great book to understand Cross Industry Innovation and make your own first plan for it. Many practical tips, examples and also a framework are included. In cross industry projects that we have accompanied, we have sent this booklet to all participants beforehand.


Cross Industry Innovation is a clever approach or strategy to significantly increase the probability of real innovation success. By creating analogies and transferring approaches, procedures, principles, ideas and processes between different contexts, industries and sectors, new realities are created.

Where can a hospital apply guidelines from the aviation industry? How can a car manufacturer use tools from the video game industry? What can an event manager learn from railroads? With these questions, Vullings and Hevelen initiate the path to Cross Industry Innovation.

The book offers a really good, fast and methodical approach to the topic of cross-industry innovation. I particularly like the fact that it also addresses the art of asking the right questions. Good, precise and challenging questions are the starting point for many innovation successes.

The authors address exciting angles such as „Has anyone else ever solved this problem? And how do we find that person?“ or „What are the really exciting industries and sectors with profitable analogies?“. The reader gets a lot of very practical tips and helping tools can be loaded from the website. There is even a framework included to take the first steps in cross industry innovation. There are also many practical examples.

Voices to the original edition:

„The future of our economy lies in cross-industry innovation. Different sectors can inspire each other to find old solutions to new problems. This book will not only inspire you to discover these possibilities, but also make you smile.“ Rinke Zonneveld – CEO of InnovationQuarter

„Not Invented Here is a must-read for all innovative managers.“ Niraj Dawar – Author of »TILT: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Costumers«, Professor of Marketing at Ivey Business School, Canada

„This is exactly what neuroscience says we should do to achieve innovation: discover best practices in other industries and adapt them to our own needs to get to the next practices. Ramon & Marc present this approach in an elegant, thought-provoking, and understandable way.“ Dr. Tara Swart – CEO of The Unlimited Mind and Lecturer at MIT Sloan

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