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Wo möchtest du deine Reise beginnen?

Im Innovation Wiki kannst du drei große Bereiche entdecken. Hinter der Methodensammlung verbirgt sich die klassische Methodendatenbank, in unserem Erfahrungsschatz findest du unsere eigens geschriebenen Artikel zu aktuellen Themen und in unserem Bücherwissen haben wir einige Buchrezensionen für dich zusammengestellt.



Dive into more than 1.000 methods from more than 500 books to find the perfect one for your project and your goal.


Treasure of experience

Read yourself through the Innovation Navigator to learn from and get inspired by the experience and perspectives from other innovation professionals.


Book Know-How

Figure out which textbooks really support you on your innovation journey and which hold the most valuable know-how for your challenge and your goals.

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What's behind the Innovation Wiki?

“How do I find the best method for my current challenge without having to read many different books each time?”

This question has always been on our minds. For our own team, we already had a collection of best practices that we made available as needed.

Then, on a Thursday evening in Florence in March 2016, the idea was born: “We expand our collection and list it to have all these innovation methods at hand, anytime, anywhere.” We were quickly able to convince other colleagues and innovation experts to contribute their experiences – the Florence Innovation Project was born, FLIP for short – the first version of today’s Innovation Wiki.