Goodbye FLIP

Welcome Innovation Wiki

What a journey!

Since we started in 2018 when we published our online method database ASK FLIP, a lot has happened. Thousands of people have used our methods and tool descriptions to make their workshops and meetings better.

But also technologically a lot has changed and after the possibilities of the old platform were exhausted, we decided after 5 years of FLIP not only to rely on a new technology, but also to rethink the whole concept of online method search. 

Here it is: The Innovation Wiki  


The all new Innovation Wiki

The new Innovation Wiki is more comprehensive and larger than ever before. Already at the start, the number of methods is 30% larger than before, it is also still being continuously expanded.

More than just a Method Search. With the Navigator, we have launched a comprehensive innovation blog that answers all your questions about innovation.

Not only for innovation professionals. The topic of innovation requires much broader expertise today than it did a few years ago. We integrate know-how and tools for the 3 major challenges of our time into theInnovation Wiki . Innovation, digitalization and sustainability.

Knowledge from and for practice. The development of the Innovation Wiki will continue to benefit greatly from our project experiences in the verrocchio Institute and will additionally include many contributions from other innovation professionals from our network, the verrocchio Thinkers.


What happens to my FLIP account?

We have transferred all existing customer accounts to the Innovation Wiki. Of course, we do not have access to your password. So you have to create a new password once.  Please enter your username/email address under Forgotten password and you will receive a link with which you can create a new password.   

Will there be a premium account again?

We are currently working on a PRO version of the Innovation Wiki, which will have many new features and will not only replace the old FLIP Premium account, but will expand it. As a registered user you will automatically receive an info when the PRO version is available.

For further questions, please send us a message: