The verrocchio Institute

We take people on the journey to become pioneers who change the world with their ideas.

Our conviction

We firmly believe that every person can change the world. Because there are unique ideas in every person. To find and implement them, all you need is the right knowledge and the right tools.

To empower people to be more imaginative and innovative, we gather innovation knowledge, develop tools, write books, and train people to become Innovation Coaches, Scouts, and Guides in our trainings.

verrocchio institute
verrocchio institute

The Innovation Coach Training

The Innovation Coach training consists of three modules and a practical phase. Each module of the
Innovation Coach
training has a unique focus.

Innovation Professional
, deals with the topic of creativity in teams, problem definition, idea generation and idea evaluation and dealing with creativity barriers.

Innovation Master
, focuses on topics such as innovation strategy and culture, business model development, and innovation leadership.

Innovation Facilitator
covers advanced visualization methods and techniques for effective facilitation of creative workshops and innovation projects in companies and with clients.

The intensive examination of concrete innovation topics takes place in the practical phase, which is individually accompanied by the trainers.

Our method knowledge

Our training shows how valuable working with methods can be, often the question arises how to find the best method for current innovation challenge.

Our collection of best practices from the trainings and our projects, we have made available as needed.

Then, on a Thursday evening in Florence in March 2016, the idea was born: “We expand our collection and catalog it to have all innovation methods at hand, anytime, anywhere.” – the Florence Innovation Project was born, FLIP for short – the first version of today’s Innovation Wiki.

verrocchio institute
verrocchio institute

Tools and books

We use the accumulated knowledge and experience from our innovation projects and trainings to develop novel innovation tools and methods. 

Besides practical methods like Innovationdigging, Inspiration Cards or “ Innovation Management Canvas ” we also collect our knowledge in books.  This is how not only “ The great handbook of innovation ” and the English version “The Innovator’s Dictionary,” but also “Das große Handbuch Digitale Transformation,” “ Inspiration on the job ” and many other works. 

A journey through the innovation universe

All these building blocks make up our verrocchio innovation universe. Whether at the beginning of your innovation journey or in the middle of it, we always make sure you have the right baggage with you and successfully achieve your goals.

verrocchio institute