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Methods, knowledge, books, tools – everything you need as an innovation professional and beginner to start a great innovation project.

What is the Innovation Wiki?

The Innovation Wiki is the central place for your innovation knowledge. Here you will find tools and methods, book recommendations or professional articles. Here you will always find exactly the knowledge and solution you need for your projects, ideas and workshops. 

Here you can start immediately. 

The Innovation Wiki
The Innovation Wiki

How did the Innovation Wiki come into being?

“How do I find the best method for my current challenge without having to read many different books each time?”

This question has always been on our minds. For our own team, we already had a collection of best practices that we made available as needed.

Then, on a Thursday evening in Florence in March 2016, the idea was born: “We expand our collection and catalog it to have all the innovation methods at hand, anytime, anywhere.” We were quickly able to convince other colleagues and innovation experts to contribute their experiences – the Florence Innovation Project was born, FLIP for short – the first version of today’s Innovation Wiki.

The contents of the Innovation Wiki

For innovation and transformation to succeed, you need the right knowledge and the right methods and tools.
You can find all this content right here in the Innovation Wiki.

The Innovation Wiki

The library

Nowadays, there are countless reference books on every topic. To help you quickly identify which book is right for you, you can find a large number of reviews and summaries on the Innovation Wiki. Whether it’s classics with basic knowledge or exciting new methods and theories – you’ll find what you’re looking for here and always reach for the right work so that you can further expand your own knowledge in a targeted manner.

The methods

Through our practical knowledge from more than 2,000 innovation projects, we have collected and applied many methods. We have incorporated all of this experience into the method search so that you can quickly find the right methods for your challenge.

The Innovation Wiki
The Innovation Wiki

The technical articles

It doesn’t matter if it’s about problems with the use of special methods, the structure of workshops or barriers in a project. We have recorded our experiences for you in various articles here in the Innovation Wiki. Learn from our experiences and use our learnings in your own projects and workshops.