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Problems in using certain methods? Stuck in your own doing somehow? Obstacles in the project? Get inspired by our accumulated experience and benefit from our learnings.

Our Innovation Navigator provides you with our experiences on various topics. The articles are meant to accompany you on your way through the innovation universe and provide you with a lot of background knowledge. Have fun on your journey!

What does innovation mean?

We start our journey with an absolute classic question: What actually is innovation? or rather, what is innovative? We take a look at the best innovation methods and take a trip into working with future scenarios. In addition, we also devote ourselves to an absolute classic – the innovative mindset. An overview of innovation types with many examples, methods and tools can be found here: Innovation Types.

From a strategic point of view, innovation must be measurable and therefore innovation always has something to do with key figures. We provide you with important approaches on how such key figures can look like!

Sustainable innovation

We have described the important future topic of sustainable innovation in detail and discussed both the nudging approach, which can significantly increase the success of sustainable products , and thesustainable mindset, which plays a decisive role in sustainability change within the company.

We also shed light on the special position of sustainable innovation in small and medium-sized companies.

Of course, we do not want to ignore the key issue of sustainable business models in this context. We explain what is the key of a sustainable business model and what a first step towards sustainable business models can look like with the help of trends and how sustainable ideas can be developed.

Innovation, Workshop & Training

For your journey through the great innovation universe, good workshop and training skills are also of great importance and has been proven to increase your personal success.

Methods such as design thinking, for example, only become successful when teams work in a truly agile manner. It is also important that we continually reflect on our presumption and assumptions.

If you want to know what the life of an Innovation Coach is like, we have summarized for you what actually makes a good Innovation Coach.

Best-Of Collections

How do I get the best methods quickly? We have put together a small best-of collection for the categories idea generation, idea enrichment and idea evaluation so that you can get started quickly!