The best methods and tools for #idea enrichment

Idea generation is the most important part of innovation work? No way. Remember: The first idea is never the innovation. Or to put it another way: If you implement the first idea that comes along, you waste a lot of potential. It is better (and more professional) to make the good ideas even better. This works best in a team and with good methods. Our favorite ways to do this from the verrocchio team can be found here.

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Gallery Walk

Team creativity technique in which ideas are visualized on a gallery wall, discussed with all team members, voted on, and finally given solutions

Idea Cluster

The idea cluster is a great method used to quickly and efficiently enrich and further elaborate initial solution approaches and preliminary ideas.

6-3-5 Method

A nice creativity method that allows new ideas to emerge remotely and analogously in the team. Only paper and pens are used.