The best methods and tools for #idea generation

Idea generation – the moment when creatives can let off steam at their best. Can’t come up with any good ideas? You lack inspiration? Then here are our verrocchio team’s 3 favorite methods. Perfect for a great idea generation session!

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Brainwriting – Pool

Team creativity technique that provides dynamic inspiration, idea enrichment and idea appreciation. A table, Post-It’s and 6 or more people – that’s all that’s needed.

Headstand Technique

Now with the headstand method, it gets a little crazy or even unusual. Because together with your team, you reformulate your challenge, twisting it into exactly the opposite. So they literally turn the problem on its head to generate new perspectives and ideas.


Scamper is a creative method for rapid variant generation using seven different ways of thinking. Great if there is already a product or service that needs to be improved.