ALPEN method


Time management method to manage the small to structure the small workday in the digital structure.

Informationen über den Einsatz der Methode

Method Description

The ALPEN method is a method that helps to get a faster grip on the daily time management in projects. This method (according to Lothar J. Seiwert) uses a few minutes per day to create a written daily plan.

I have included this method in this book because, especially in the implementation phase, the new ideas and projects often get lost in the day-to-day business, as the time management of most participants is not yet optimal and synchronized.

In addition, the method using the word “Alps” is very easy to remember without much effort and it works simply and reliably. In general, good and efficient time management plays a very important role in all innovative companies today, because the pace of our business is not slowing down, but beating faster and more complex every day.

But time management should not be a theory with a frustratingly long list of unfinished tasks every day. The simple mnemonic “ALPEN”, which has also helped me very often back on the path of good time management, helps to make this planning realistic.

The ALPEN method did not take its name from the European high mountains, as one might suspect. A-LP- E-N is an acronym and stands for the five building blocks from time or self-management. The ALPEN method was developed by the German economist and time management expert Lothar Seiwert.

The concept is a particularly effective and simple way to structure, prioritize and prepare the professional daily routine. Especially when companies are in a transformation process and many routines are thrown overboard, the daily use of this method makes sense for involved employees. Unreflective action can be prevented and give people security in a disruptive job environment. It provides an orienting framework for all users.

Today’s digital transformation in companies means that employees need a new, different approach to tasks and issues in order to master the challenges ahead. The ALPEN method can be used to systematically optimize an outdated way of working that no longer achieves its goals. Users of the method will be empowered to prioritize, focus, delegate tasks or say no. The daily time required to use the method is kept within limits. It takes only ten to fifteen minutes to organize the day’s activities in the form of a written schedule.

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