Headstand Technique


The headstand technique is a creative problem-solving method in which a problem or issue is framed in reverse or negative terms to gain new perspectives and approaches.

Informationen über den Einsatz der Methode

Method Description

Yes – you see correctly: With the headstand method, things are now getting a little crazy or even unfamiliar. Because together with your team, you reformulate your challenge, twisting it into exactly the opposite. So they literally turn the problem on its head to generate new perspectives and ideas.

Without creating pressure, you encourage creativity. Because it’s fun for everyone to think about what doesn’t work, what goes wrong, or what measures never solve a problem. The headstand technique works immediately and especially for untrained teams.

The first step is to collect those actions and events that would prevent a desired outcome from being achieved, or to collect as many weaknesses as possible in an idea under review. After this “destructive” phase, solutions are sought for the identified obstacles and problems. The rules of regular brainstorming apply to both phases.

The advantage of this method compared to normal brainstorming is that you first identify the cause of a problem (actions and events that prevent the achievement of a desired result) and then solve it. This way of approaching a problem solution generates different and new ideas.

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