Idea Cluster


The idea cluster is a tool by Benno van Aerssen that is used to quickly and efficiently enrich and further elaborate initial solution approaches and preliminary ideas.

The idea cluster is always used when initial preliminary ideas have been generated from a first round of idea generation, in a project or in a workshop. Typically, preliminary ideas and initial approaches often exist as individual sentences or statements on moderation cards or pin boards.

Since, as known from many years of experience, these preliminary ideas are still far too imprecise and rough for evaluation or even decision-making, they must be enriched and further elaborated. At this point, it is important that the enrichment is very efficient and targeted. Too little enrichment, at this early stage, is usually just as inefficient as elaboration that is far too detailed. The key here is to find a good balance.

The idea cluster and a few important parameters create the conditions for such efficient idea enrichment. The essential parameters for the idea cluster are:
– It is created by two people.
– One of the two is ideally the thinker of the preliminary idea to be enriched.
– The idea cluster is created on flipchart paper.
– Colored markers should also be used.
– The team has a maximum of 30 minutes to create the idea cluster.

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