Ideas marathon


The method of the idea marathon plays with the different phases that occur over the length of time when dealing with problems. It specifically uses the long-term and tedious form of dealing with a single topic “at a stretch,” much like a marathon. In this way, users should slowly think their way into a mode that promotes particularly creative solutions, or rather where the generation of such solutions becomes a natural mechanic (analogy: Runner High).

Usually, creative phases are referred to as different points in time when the process changes. For example, some sources describe that after seven to twelve minutes in a process of generating new ideas, a first slackening sets in.

Where at first the usual suspect ideas were still named and written down (keyword: visibly secured), from this point on the process step begins in which the brain enters a certain state of inertia. From this state one usually helps oneself with creativity methods. A variety of methods focus on a period of 30 minutes.

These 30 minutes are used many times over in this extreme method.

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