The sales pitch


Simulation of a sales talk in order to actual product advantages transparent and evaluable.

Informationen über den Einsatz der Methode

Method Description

The sales pitch is a method that simulates a real conversation between a salesperson and the potential customer of the product or service idea. This gives participants clarity on the actual product benefits and allows them to better evaluate their idea.

In contrast to the Fake Sales method from the Lean Startup concept, “The Sales Conversation” is limited to a virtual product, which significantly shortens the time and effort required for implementation.

Ideally, various things need to be taken into account in order to successfully shape the digital transformation process in a company: Process improvements, a change in mentality among the workforce, and the mindset that customers are at the center of every decision.

The method of the sales talk can be used again and again at short notice and with simple means, because the simulation of a sales talk is a suitable technique to make actual product advantages quickly transparent and assessable.

The potential customer in the simulated sales conversation must be persuaded with arguments to obtain a significant advantage through a positive agreement or through a purchase. Salespersons in the role play are required to describe the relevant product benefits in an understandable and clear manner. The product benefits described must always be seen in relation to alternative choices. By reflecting together on the product benefits described, participants can better evaluate an idea, or premature judgments about ideas can be avoided.

With this technology, an organization can validate very well whether products from stationary retail are also suitable for omnichannel sales. For example, can the product or product benefit also be successfully presented and marketed in online sales?

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