Deep innovation knowledge and insights from experts of the verrocchio Institute 

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What is innovative?

The word “innovative” can refer to an organization or a person, a product or a service. It usually involves creating something new that has a positive effect on people or the environment. Innovative companies are characterized above all by a strong culture of innovation, and innovative individuals are ascribed certain characteristics.

What are the characteristics of an innovative person?

There is no clear scientific definition of an innovative person, yet we have identified certain characteristics in people who successfully and regularly develop and implement innovations:

  • The firm belief in being able to change something through one’s own efforts
  • the intrinsic motivation to put energy into an idea
  • openness to new things, associated with a higher tolerance for uncertainty and risk
  • A good dose of curiosity: the constant interest in understanding and improving the world
  • Willingness to change and take risks, also to deviate from classic patterns
  • Empathy, because good ideas always meet the needs of other people in an excellent way.

Can innovative capability be promoted?

In fact, it is possible to promote innovation capability. Thanks to our brain’s ability to evolve at any time (technical term plasticity), people can increase their innovation skills at almost any age. In the Innovation Professional training we show some methods to increase innovation capability, here are some of them:

  • Creativity exercises: Many methods for brainstorming have the side effect of increasing creativity (used regularly). Good examples are methods like the stimulus picture technique, the creative block or AMA.
  • Experimentation: Trying new things usually automatically leads to new experiences and new knowledge. I find the question “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” very helpful here.
  • Walking out of the box: Leaving familiar surroundings is almost always associated with new experiences and often leads to a change in perspective. Those who have the opportunity to travel to other cultures can even combine the development of innovation skills with a vacation. For good reason we regularly go with teams to our verrocchio Rooms near Florence. A place that always inspires new perspectives.
  • Learning from creative people: Many great inventors have shown special personality traits, well-known are the curiosity of Leonard da Vinci the intuition of Marie Curie or the tenacity of the Wright brothers.
Handwritten by Christian Buchholz